A new Elite:Dangerous Wiki!13 July 2014

So Elite 4 has become Elite: Dangerous and we're well into the beta-testing period. I've created a dedicated Elite Dangerous Wiki to provide a source of information for Elite Dangerous players - enjoy!

Elite 4 arrives! Kinda!6 Nov 2012

Today we got news that David Braben has announced a Kickstarter project for "Elite: Dangerous" which appears to be Elite 4 in all but name.

The high-level summary is that we are looking at what appears to be non-newtonian flight and a return to the Elite (i.e. not Frontier) style of flight. Yes there will be multiplayer. Release is penciled in for March 2014. More news next year I expect! Stay tuned and thanks for sticking around.

How's that for dedication?! 16 Sept 2008

As part of my 10+ years of dedication to the community, I have moved the site to a new server. Yes - it really is alive still. I've not forgotten about it. And no, there really isn't any news about Elite 4. See you in another few years.

Life on the Frontier un-sprouts a forum! 29th July 2006

Thats right - there is no longer a discussion forum here!

Some Regular (ha!) visitors might recall that Life on the Frontier has had some form of discussion board on and off over the years, and this one will now be added again to the list of failed attempts to drum up some sort of feeling of "community" in the "community".

For the 4 of you that actually made a post on the forum in the quater of a year that it was active - fear not! Frontier (David Braben's company) now have their own forum which David Braben himself reads and posts on (and I also lurk on), so you can post there instead.

Life on the Frontier sprouts a forum! 01st May 2006

Thats right - there is now a discussion forum here for any thing you guys want to talk about that is related to Elite or Frontier (or not - lets see what happens).

Some Regular (ha!) visitors might recall that Life on the Frontier has had some form of discussion board on and off over the years, so this isn't really a hugely new departure for the site, but its mildly interesting anyway.

Anyway - you dont need to register or provide an email to post if you dont want to, so feel free to go ahead and give it a try - just click on the "forum" link shown above.

Life on the Frontier has changed! 14th Jan 2006

Yes, the site is not totally dead! Regular (ha!) visitors might have noticed some significant changes to the appearence of the Life On The Frontier page. Its changed from a 1990s White-On-Black horror story to something a lot easier on the eyes.

I hope you like it.

There might be some stuff missing from the site at the moment, thats to be expected. I am not sure what the deal is with my hosting at the moment so things might change again in the future - just keep on using the www.lotf.co.uk address and you should be ok.

I've played around with the navigation of the site a bit. There is no huge list of pages down the side like the old days, instead there is a cute little set of "tabs" at the top of the page. You're looking at the content of the "home" tab right now. All of the guides, tutorials, information and stuff is now in the "guides" tab, downloads are obviously in the "download" tab, and there are links to other related sites in the "links" tab, and you can search in the "search" tab. Easy! Oh, if any of you are keeping count, this is lotf v5...