Below are some links to other Frontier/Elite related sites that you might find interesting.

Eta Cassiopeia Site containing the video downloads for FFE!
PL FFE Web Site - New Polish site about FFE. Marcin says there is no English translation available at the moment, but there is still plenty for non-Polish speakers to see & do!
JJFFE Page - John Jordan's JJFFE home page.
Frontier Developments - The guys who wrote Frontier.
The Elite Club - Download FE2 and FFE shareware here.
Zat Solo's Frontier Page - The most comprehensive links section in the Elite community.
Jades - One of the biggest pages around, and probably the best too.
Mufossa's Elite Page - Fan fiction and more!
Frontierverse - a comprehensive and nicely designed site concentrating on FE2.
FrontierAstro - A nice little site about astronomy and the worlds of Frontier Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters.
Yikes Station - As described by the author: "a haphazard collection of 'stuff' in honour of the game that redefined addiction and rendered so many promising young kids as academic failures"

Elite & Frontier tribute/remakes/inspired games

There are quite a few people on the net working on creating a version of Elite or Frontier that takes advantage of modern hardware; here are some of the most promising ones.

Oolite Active development still (Oct 2009). Mature versions available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Usenet newsgroup - Usenet discussion group about all things Elite & Frontier. Check out the FAQ too.

Internet Relay Chat

You can come and chat to me and other players using IRC. ( : A channel for general chat, often off-topic.