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Title Size
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FFE license shareware version 2.4Mb Download
FE2 license shareware version - protection codes included 450K Download
FE2 Manual 250K Download
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Scenarios and Saved Games
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You have just agreed to assassinate Dentra Rast for 50000c. Download
You have just agreed to assassinate the Dentra Rast assassin for 50000c. Download
You are just about to get your hands on the 'Argents Quest' ship. Please read the text file in the zip for more information on this scenario. Download
You have just agreed to do a Mission for the Imperial Navy that involves the assassination of a scientist researching aliens. Download
You are a Sergent-Major with the Federal Navy and you are about to do an assassination for 8000c. Download
You are about to begin your delivery mission for the Duval Artifact for 6000c. Download
You have just accepted a package that needs delivering - for 11165c! Download
You are a taxi and carrying two passengers paying you 17490c Download
You have just decided to give two hitch hikers a lift. Make sure you read the text file with this one (in the zip), 'cause you are going to need it. Download
You are a small time trader in the Sol-Barnards Star run. Download
You are a Federal Sergent in a badly damaged ship. Download
Thanks to your connections with the Hoopla Corperation they have commisioned a cutting edge ship for you. Download
You are the proud owner of a brand new Long Range Cruiser (those big things you see outside orbital ports). Download
You are a Pirate waiting for his prey to drop out of hyperspace. Download
You have succesfully managed to park your ship in a stable orbit! Download

The Ships
Name & Description
[ top ]
Adder: small, multirole Download
Anaconder: large, trader Download
Asp: medium, multirole/fighter Download
Boa Trader: large, trader Download
Cobra Mk 1: small, multirole Download
Cobra Mk 3: medium, multirole Download
Constrictor: medium, trader Download
Eagle Mk 1: small, fighter Download
Eagle Mk 3: small, fighter Download
Falcon: very small, fighter Download
Gecko: medium, trader Download
Griffin: very large, trader Download
Harrier: medium, trader Download
Harris: medium, fighter Download
Hawk Airfighter: very small, fighter Download
Imperial Courier: large, multirole/trader Download
Imperial Explorer: large - very large, trader Download
Imperial Trader: large, trader Download
Krait: small, fighter Download
Lanner Mk 1: medium-large, trader Download
Lanner Mk 2: medium-large, trader Download
Lion Trader: large, trader Download
Long Range Cruiser: very very large, trader Download
Mantis: large, trader Download
Merlin: small - medium, fighter Download
Moray Starboat: medium, multirole/fighter Download
Osprey: small, fighter Download
Osprey X: small, fighter Download
Panther Clipper: large-very large, trader Download
Puma Clipper: large, trader Download
Python Trader: large, trader Download
Saker Mk 3: small, multirole Download
Skeet Cruiser: large, trader Download
Stowmatser Fighter: very small, fighter/escape capsule Download
Transporter: medium-large, trader Download
Viper Mk 1: medium, mutlirole Download
Viper Mk 2: medium, mutlirole Download

Title Size
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Atmosphere 26K Download
Baba Yaga 12KDownload
Blue Danube game version 11K Download
Blue Danube better version 161K Download
Drama 32K Download
Escape 16K Download
Front 16K Download
Grand Gates of Kiev 6K Download
In The Hall of the Mountain King game version 18K Download
In The Hall of the Mountain King better version 52K Download
Night on a Bare Mountain 35K Download
Paradise 18K Download
Rock 40K Download
Ride of the Valkyries 25K Download
Travel 23K Download

Title Size
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Hmp2Mid file converter 10K Download
Mid2Hmp file converter 25K Download
ForceCol TSR to make space black 25K Download
FFEpd09 Hack FFE to change ship statistics 48K Download

Title Size
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Frontier: Elite 2 NOTE: useless for copy protection 50K Download
Frontier: First Encounters includes images 1.5meg Download
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