JJFFE: An Idiot's Guide

For this guide I am going to assume you are going to be using JJFFE 2.5 in Windows and have DirectX installed. There are other versions but this tends to be the most common.

Step 1 First you need to have a copy of FFE - JJFFE is not the complete game! If you have an orignal copy already installed skip this step and goto Step 2.

To get a copy of FFE you can download the shareware version here. Its about 2.5meg, that should only take about 10-15mins on a modem. Once you have completed the download, extract the zip to your c:\ drive, i.e. "c:\firstenc". Inside this directory should be 4 files and another directory (firstenc.bat, setup.bat, licence.txt, readme.txt). Read the ReadMe and the License before continuing.
Step 2 Now we need to get JJFFE. Goto John Jordan's page. Read though the page to the download link for the DirectX version. Unless you are using NT4, select the DirectX 5 version.

If you have an original FFE install (i.e. not shareware), extract the jjffe files into c:\firstenc\.

If you are using the shareware install, extract the jjffe files into c:\firstenc\game\.
Step 3 Now you just need to run it! Find 'ffewin25.exe" and run it (not firstenc.bat). Read the warning and follow the instructions to play.
Step 4 To make it full screen press the control key ("Ctrl") and F12 together. Please note, the resolution cannot be changed.

If you have additional problms or bugs, have a good read through the FAQ on John Jordan's page as this answers a lot of common problems.