Keyboard Controls

Incase you've lost your manual, or you don't have a manual (don't worry, I wont tell anyone ;-), then here are the keyboard shortcuts, including the function keys.

The shortcuts for the keyboard:

Key Action
A Ship dive.
B Activate Energy bomb.
C Centre the Galactic Map.
D Launch MB4 Mining machine.
E Activate ECM/Naval ECM
H Enter Hyperspace (target must be set).
L Show/Hide labels.
M Launch missile/mine in battle mode only
N Run Navigation computer.
R Show Remote Orbital Map.
T Set target (Navigation or Battle target).
U Raise/Lower the undercarriage.
X Launch Escape Capsule
Z Ship climb.

Tab Cycles through engine modes (ON, OFF, and AUTOPILOT)
Enter Engines Off: Accelerates ship
Engine on: Increases set speed.
Right Shift Engines Off: Deccelerates ship
Engine on: Decreases set speed.
Space Fires your laser.
Esc Once:Pause the game.
Again:Show the Preference list.
? Run Hyperspace Cloud Analyser.
</> Ship directional controls.
Page Up/Down Scroll the message area.

And the function keys:

  F1 F2 F3 F4
  [View panel] [Inventory panel] [Map panel] [Communications panel]
F5 Battle to Navigation Journals Galactic Map Launch Request
F6 Front view Ship equipment Orbital map Shipyard services
F7 Back view Commander profile Data screen Bulletin board
F8 Turret view Crew roster Galactiv view Stock market
F9 External view Passenger Roster Economy Police
F10 Missile view Cargo in hold Social structure N/A
F11 Combat computer Outstanding fines Zoom in N/A
F12 Escape capsule Mining installations Zoom out N/A