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Here are several stories that were supplied with Elite/FE2/FFE. These were scanned and OCR'd - any mistakes are orignal mistakes by the original team that compiled the books, and have been left for authenticity!


The Dark Wheel Robert Holdstock (thanks Commander Steve!) (113K)
Imprint Andy Redman (100K)
It is suggested that the stores from Elite are copied into a text editor with a 'wordwrap' feature for readability reasons.

Frontier: Elite 2 - Stories of Life on the Frontier

Frontier: Elite 2 - Gazetteer Ian Bell, David Braben, Kathy Dickinson and David Massey
A New Start David Massey (21K)
Full Circle David Massey (26K)
The Outer Limits Moira Sheean (22K)
When A Plan Works Well David Massey
All That Glisters David Massey
The Fiercest Creature On Altair David Massey
On The Wrong Side Of The Law David Massey
Living In Hope Kathy Dickinson

Frontier: First Encounters - Further Stories of Life on the Frontier

Acrobat in Black Manda Scott (27K)
Faust S.L.A.M. (32K)
Children of a Greater God Julian Flood (24K)
A Business Proposal Martyn Taylor (26K)
Inevitable Consequences Moira Sheehan (24K)

Copyright in all stories remains with the author - please contact me if you are the copyright holder of one or more of these works and no longer wish for them to be available here.