Rank and Reputation

You get to a stage in FFE where your rank will seem as if it has been stuck there for ever. You may just dismiss it as another bug in a sea of millions, but you may be wrong. Here is a list of the ranks and the 'scores' (the kills) you need.

Elite Rating   Kills
Harmless   0 (you start at this)
Mostly Harmless   4
Poor   8
Below Average   16
Average   32
Above Average   64
Competant   128
Dangerous   1000
Deadly   3000
ELITE   6000

Military Scoring   Points
Delivery   2
Assassination   12
Photography Mission (Ok)   16
Missile Attack   18
Photography Mission (Execllent)   20

Military Ranks (Fed./Emp.)   Score
None/Outside   0 (you start at this)
Private/Serf   2
Cororal/Master   16
Sergeant/Sir   82
Sergeant-Major/Squire   256 (note 1)
Major/Lord   576
Colonel/Baron   1296
Lieutenant/Viscount   2402
Lieutenant Commander/Count   4096
Captain/Earl   6562
Commodore/Marquis   10000
Rear Admiral/Duke   14642
Admiral/Prince   20736

Note 1:This is where military assassinations begin to be offered.