Trade Routes

Here are some profitable trade routes for you to try if you want to make some cash. Try to find your own and be creative - the systems could be several jumps away in some cases where the ultimate profit can be found...

Sol (0,0) - Barnards Star (-1,0)

Map of route

This is the first trade route you will discover, probably.

For this you will need about 5,000 credits to get started properly. Follow these steps.

1Strip down your ship until all you have left is an autopilot and a navigation computer.
2When in Sol by enough fuel to get to Barnards Star and fill up the rest of your cargo hold with luxury goods.
3When in Barnards Star buy up robots or computers (preferably robots) and go back to Sol.
4Continue steps 2 and 3
5Once you have enough money upgrade your ship, the bigger the ship the higher the profits!
6Continued for loads of money!
OtherAlways check the BBS for people wanting your goods for special prices, you can literatly make millions with a big ship.

Sol (0,0) - Van Maanens Star (0,1) - Barnards Star (-1,0)

Map of route

This route is a little more dangerous and you are likely to come under attack, so take a gun...

Step Description
1 Sort out your ship so that it can hold its own in a fight, but leave plenty of space for cargo.
2 Get enought fuel to jump to Van Maanens Star, fill up the rest of your cargo holds with luxuries.
3 Pay permit fine IMMEDIATELY! When in Van Maanens Star sell the Luxuries on the Black Market for 100% profit!
4 Fill up with fuel good for Barnards Star and Fruit and Veg. Jump to Barnards Star.
5 When at Barnards Star get enough fuel to get to Sol, and then fill up with robots. Leave for Sol.
6 Repeat steps 2 to 5.
7 Make loads of cash.
8 Upgrade to a bigger ship whenever possible, the bigger the better.
Others If you upgrade your ship make sure it isn't too big, it will be crap in a fight (too big, too slow).
Always, I mean ALWAYS, check the BBS for special deals on your cargo.
If you haven't got a permit and you get fined pay QUICK. If you don't you will be attacked by the Van Maanens Star Police.

Gateway (-1,4) - Soholia (-1,5)

Map of route

When you start off do you know what to do? Here is a useful little route to get you started.

1Sell your two missiles. Load enougth fuel for a trip to Soholia. Fill up with medicines.
2When in Soholia sell of medicines on BBS.
3Leave for Gateway.
4Repeat steps 1 to 3.
5Upgrade you ship and weapons as often as possible.
OthersChoose the advert which buys for 2000, it ups its rates every ton you sell them.
This will only last a few months. Check the papers for latest news.
Create a save game, eg "won", to overwrite every time you win a fight. If you loose a fight you can reload it only from
one fight before, not months. A very useful tactic indeed.

Facece (0,-4) - Vequess (-1,-4)

Map of route
Step Description
1 Go to Vequess
2 Stock up with enough fuel and as many tonnes of slaves as you can carry.
3 Go to Facece and sell the slaves.
4 Now fill uo with Live Animals or Animal Skins and jump back to Vequess.
5 Check the BBS for adds, often you can sell your animal products for double the market price!
6 Repeat steps 2 to 5.
7 Make loads of cash.
8 Upgrade to a bigger ship whenever possible, the bigger the better.
9 Look out for jobs with the Imperial Navy if you want, there is more money to be made doing missions for them if you want even more money!

Supplied by Jimmy Guthrie :e-mail