Undocumented Features

There are a few little things in FFE that you are not told about in the manual. These features aren't exactly massivly important but you may find them useful.

You don't need to activate the Transmission Jammer or the Interspecies Translator - they both operate when they are needed. The Interspecies translator will display the message at the top of the screen when it is working.

Holding Shift-v in the intro when the ships are being attacked displays the version number.

When you die, if you press '5' then you should be taken to the 'Load Commander' screen. Pressing '4' will load the last saved commander, although sometimes this doesn't work properly.

If you press '1' during the intro, you will start in Ross 154 with 100 credits and an Eagle MK1, just like in Frontier!

You can change your name from Jameson to whatever you like (provided it isn't longer than 8 letters :P ). Press escape twice during the game to get to the config screen, and click on where it says 'Jameson', and enter whatever you want. Notice how your name changes in the journals if you appeared in them before!

You can hold down Shift whilst using the cursor keys in the galactic map to scroll quickly.

'Print Scrn' will copy the current screen to a .bmp file in your firstenc directory.

'Page Up' and 'Page Down' will scroll through your messages (on the bottom right), and journals - at the same time...

Using the buttons 1,2,3 or 4 in a space station will select that menu option, some of the time.